It's always enjoyable to see your images brought to life, especially when it's a nice, large statement like the job below. Robert from Newport contacted me to say they liked one of the Transporter Bridge images from my Newport City Originals series.

The Brief: Robert wanted to use a blank wall space at the top of their stairs, next to the bathroom door. The maximum area was approx 3 foot by 7 foot, (in old money ☺) the price had to be reasonable and the image needed to be robust enough to survive the occasional party. The initial costings for a framed or acrylic image, were too high and a bespoke canvas wasn’t likely to last. I finally found a great local supplier who mounted the image on foamex board & supplied the fixings, which ticked all the boxes. Robert even agreed to have a quick photo with his new addition, (without any arm-twisting!).

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